The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery (and Other Beauty Secrets!) with Dr. Youn

Episode 99 · October 11th, 2018 · 11 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

If you’ve been following this podcast, you already know a great deal of anti-aging skincare secrets from inside the beauty industry.

But beauty is more than skin deep. Sometimes you have to go a little deeper.

Board certified plastic surgeon and award-winning author Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, FACS, joins Just Ask David to give us a few fillers beyond skincare - pun intended.

Dr. Youn, better known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon® or America’s Holistic Beauty Doc™, believes that everyone can achieve their true beauty by taking a holistic approach - which may or may not involve plastic surgery.

Pretty Doesn’t Have to Hurt
Cosmetic surgery to look younger advanced exponentially in the last few years. There are a variety of different and more effective ways to erase wrinkles without getting a stiff face full of Botox.

“There’s so much out there now that’s non-invasive that we can do to create these massive changes,” Dr. Youn agrees.

“In the past, we looked at aging in a very two-dimensional fashion: Things sagged, and so we pulled them up.

Things have gotten more three-dimensional since then.

“Not only are we adding volume to fill out areas that have gotten thinner and more gaunt with age, but we’re also then changing the surface,” Dr. Youn adds.

“We’re removing blemishes and wrinkles and age spots. And the great thing is that so much of this is non-invasive, doesn’t hurt, and yet you see those results.”

How Your Sweet Tooth Sabotages Your Anti-Aging Regimen
When it comes to anti-aging, we underestimate how important diet is.

“Diet is a huge thing. If you did one thing outside of skincare that could really help to make your skin healthier, I would recommend that you decrease the amount of sugar that you eat,” suggests Dr. Youn.

So why does sugar have such a disastrous effect on our skin and overall appearance? How could something that tastes so good be so bad for you?
“These instant sugar spikes create insulin spikes which can create inflammation chronically with time,” Dr. Youn explains.

Lose Fat FAST: The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery!

If there were one magic pill, an easy fix, that holy grail of plastic surgery that can help you look younger and more beautiful with little effort… what would it be?

“The Holy Grail of plastic surgery is losing fat without diet, exercising, surgery, or needles,” says Dr. Youn.

And plastic surgeons have it figured out.

“You can lose up to 25% of the thickness of your fat without any type of invasive procedure,” Dr. Youn adds.

But how? Is it possible to lose weight without diet, exercise, or surgery?

Listen to the podcast and find out!

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