3 Mind-Blowing Tips for Your Fall Skin Care Routine 2018

Episode 94 · September 20th, 2018 · 10 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

There’s something about autumn that inspires us to turn over a new leaf.

Maybe because summer vacation is over and we’re all getting ready to focus again. Maybe it’s as simple as the leaves changing color that makes us want to do the same.

Our skin care routines adjust with the changing of the seasons, too.

But for those of you new to skin care, rotating your routine to match the season can be a bit confusing.

What products should we be adding to our fall skin care routines? Are there any steps we can skip now, like putting on sunscreen? Is autumn skin care actually just regular skin care with a pumpkin spice scent?

Lucky for us, David Pollock is the beauty guru who you can trust to cut to the chase and expose industry secrets that skin care companies don’t want you to know.

1. Don’t Let Your Busy Fall Schedule Make You Slack on Your Beauty Regimen

More than switching out any of the products you’re using for the fall, it’s important to stay committed to taking care of your skin.

When autumn creeps up on us, most of us are getting ready to go back to school or are helping our kids get ready to go back.

It’s a busy time. We know. But don’t let it sidetrack your skin care routine!

“The biggest thing I see is as we get busy, everyone wants to skimp on skincare because there’s just not enough time,” David says.

“But it’s important to keep up that routine and to take care of your skin. One of my favorite things is to exfoliate the dead skin cells... Whether it’s through a serum with glycolic [acid] in it, or some other enzyme.”

2. Ditch the Toner

Here’s a little-known secret in the beauty industry: if you’re using good skin care products, you actually don’t need a toner.

Not just in the fall. Ever.

“If you get properly formulated products, you don’t need a toner,” David says. High quality products are going to clean your face and keep it at a healthy pH balance - which is all a toner does.

So this fall, try dropping your toner from your daily skin care routine and see what happens. (Hint: Probably nothing.)

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