How to Dye Your Hair NATURALLY - No Harsh Chemicals! With Special Guest Jodie Moore

Episode 93 · September 18th, 2018 · 11 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

The color of our hair is important to a lot of us. For some, it’s the way we single ourselves out as individuals. A head full of curly red hair can passed down like a family heirloom. And some of us rely on hair dye to conceal gray hair.

Many of us dye our hair to get that special color: the hair color that makes you feel unique, the color that brings out your eyes, the one that shaves 15 years off of you.

But anyone who has dyed their own hair knows that it is not always a carefree task. Harsh chemicals threaten to damage your hair and scalp. It irritates sensitive skin. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, brace yourself for the likely possibility of a bad hair day.

Jodie Moore knows all about the ups and downs with hair dye, as Chief Operating Officer of the exclusive distributor for Herbatint hair color, Bioforce USA.

Not only has she proudly advocated for this B Corp certified brand for the past 15 years, but she also has personal experience with all the ups and downs of dyeing hair. Her passion for hair color has led to Herbatint becoming one of the most highly respected and best-selling hair color brands in the natural industry.

Jodie joins Just Ask David to lend us a few tips on dyeing and maintaining hair.

Safe AND Effective: A Balancing Act
Just Ask David has always been ahead of the game when it comes to the shift toward safe ingredients within the beauty industry.

But even we are a little stumped when it comes to safe hair dye.

Many of the natural hair dyes on the market are frustratingly weak. No one wants to buy an entire box of hair dye that will just wash out in a few days.

Jodie’s advice? “It’s really about balance.” You don’t want your hair dye to have harsh chemicals, yet you want a significant change in the color of your hair that will last. Something has to give.

“You want it to work so there will be some level of chemical in the color. So what consumers like yourself and other people really need to do is find that safest product.” She adds: “Herbatint is the only brand in the world that has been dermatologically tested [as safe] for sensitive skin.”

Good to know.

Tips for Dyeing Your Hair At Home, Accident-Free!
Dyeing your hair at home may not be rocket science, but it IS chemistry.
Such a drastic change to your hair can be nerve-wracking on its own. But the threat of going into work the next day with bright red hair puts a lot more pressure on those of us going the DIY route.

“The biggest thing about doing hair at home is following directions and really understanding the product that you’re using,” Jodie suggests. She also says that using natural hair dyes like Herbatint pretty much eliminates the risk of a no-good-very-bad hair day.

Why? What’s so different about natural hair dye? “There’s no lift in the product,” Jodie says.

“In a normal salon setting, or even a mass market brand, you can go brown to blond in a box… with the natural colors, there’s so little amount of chemical - usually less than 1%. There’s no lift,” she explains.

“So you’re really going to have to stay within two shades of your natural color. So that can take a lot of the anxiety out of doing it. You’re not going to go too drastic one way or another.”

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