Fall 2017 Makeup Trends with Special Guest Cori Stoddard

Episode 9 · December 9th, 2017 · 10 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

The makeup industry is growing in a big way.

With self-taught YouTube makeup artists gaining a staggeringly huge following and all of the new technology available to us now, it’s a perfect storm for the latest makeup trends (and the makeup industry as a whole) to take innovative leaps.

Today, we have special guest Cori Stoddard to give us an insider’s eye on the current state of the makeup industry. Cori is the managing editor at the highly acclaimed Makeup Artist Magazine. She’s been in the industry as a journalist for twenty years and has seen plenty of popular makeup trends come and go.

Dark & Messy is “In”
As a slight throwback to the “heroin chic” of the 90’s, smudged eye makeup, barebones foundation, and a dark color palette is what you’ll see on the runway this fall -- but not without a little 2017 flair. Abstract, geometric shapes around the eyes are also becoming popular on the runway this season.

Dark purples are a trending makeup favorite this fall, so try adding burgundies, plums, and maroons to your makeup collection.

Makeup Technology Trends
Although most of us probably think of makeup as something people wear to enhance their look, makeup plays a huge role in movies and television.

The things we like to watch, from Game of Thrones to Saturday Night Live, all rely on makeup to enhance (or even create) the characters. In the past, we relied solely on makeup, prosthetics, and props to believably turn an actor into a character. Now, makeup is often paired with CGI to make a character really come to life.

“Makeup artists are having to incorporate more of [technology] in their jobs,” Cori says. “A lot of filmmakers are saying, ‘Actually, I want this to appear as real as possible.’” Whether that means CGI or lifelike prosthetics, one thing is clear -- the makeup trends in 2017 are inspiring plenty of outside-the-box thinking.

To stay up to date with the latest makeup trends, visit the Makeup Artist Magazine website and follow Cori Stoddard.