4 Must-Have Therapeutic Ingredients for Your Skin

Episode 85 · June 19th, 2018 · 9 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

Our skin is in a constant state of renewal. There is never a time when our skin is not sloughing off dead skin cells and regenerating new ones.

But this process slows down as we age, creating a domino effect for the decline we see in our skin’s appearance.

Wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots - all of these things happen for more than one reason. The better we understand these reasons, the better we can prevent the appearance of aging in the long-run.

We know the products that claim to reverse aging. But what really works?

  1. Glycolic acid This versatile acid with tiny molecules is gentle enough to use on your face, but harsh enough to remove that top layer of dead skin with minimal scrubbing.

That makes glycolic acid useful for a variety of skincare uses, like a face wash, light chemical peel, or serum.

  1. Hyaluronic acid Over 100 times more hydrating than water, we all have hyaluronic acid in almost every cell in our bodies -- not just our skin.

But we produce less hyaluronic acid as we age, leading to wrinkles, a dull complexion, and loss of skin elasticity.

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Simply put, the best anti-aging products are going to repair and nourish your skin. All the extra riff-raff just makes us feel good (like moisturizers with flecks of gold - how is that going to help your skin?)

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