Tips for Cooking Colorful, Healthy Meals with Guest Debi Traub

Episode 8 · December 8th, 2017 · 10 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

In the past few years, the art of food photography has boomed along with social media. Everyone wants to share with the world the delicious food they’re about to eat.

Today’s special guest has made a career of taking pictures of the meals she prepares for her family. Debi Traub is best known for her recipe and food photography blog, Simply Beautiful Eating. Simply Beautiful Eating focuses on creating beautiful dishes that are good for you, too.

Debi credits her love and talent for cooking colorful, healthy meals to her 95-year-old mother -- so you can just imagine how healthy her cooking must be!

Healthy Eating: Eat With Your Eyes

Debi calls meals that are low in nutrition, taste, and creativity as the three B’s: bland, boring, and “blech.”

Whether we realize it or not, we eat with our eyes before we actually taste our food. We’re naturally drawn to dishes with bright, beautiful, colorful ingredients -- and they tend to be quite nutritional, too.

The meals featured on Simply Beautiful Eating are all of those things -- flavorful, colorful, and healthy. In fact, many of the ingredients Debi uses for her food photography blog are picked from her husband’s garden.

Go Organic or Go Home

Fresh foods don’t just taste great, they also provide us with the maximum nutrients. Cooking with fresh, organic foods is a surefire way for your meals to be full of the things our bodies need -- without the stuff it doesn’t.

You can get fresh foods from the grocery store, but Debi recommends buying from a farmer’s market or growing your own produce.

“One of my favorite things is to stand in that garden and pick out everything we can use in the kitchen,” Debi says.

You can find Debi’s food photography blog and her fresh food recipes at Simply Beautiful Eating.