No More Rashes! How to Heal Sensitive Skin With Special Guest Antonia Balfour

Episode 79 · May 29th, 2018 · 10 mins

About this Episode

Acne, psoriasis, rosacea - no matter the type, no one likes for their skin to break out.

Antonia Balfour L.Ac. joins Just Ask David to divulge a few of her secrets to healing sensitive skin using alternative methods.

Antonia is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and the founder of Yin Yang Dermatology. She specializes in holistic skin care and integrates Chinese herbal medicine into her practice.
With Chinese medicine, you take the whole picture into account - it’s a holistic approach.

Beauty is Skin Deep, So Heal From the Inside!
“What you put inside your body can really affect such great change,” Antonia says. “And so often what I see with my patients is that they’ve been treated with topical steroids…. and nothing from the inside, when really, the problem needs to be addressed from the inside out.”

The solution? A customized, individualized formula just for you - in the form of herbal tea.

“The teas really are the strongest way to take herbal medicine, but they don’t taste good,” Antonia admits. “They’re medicinal and earthy, but they really work.”

The Holistic Approach - Take a Deeper Look
A mistake that many of us make is trying to achieve clear skin by only focusing on our skin. The body is made up of interconnected system, so there could easily be something we can improve on elsewhere besides the skin.

“One thing that happens that I see in my practice is that some people will come in and they’ll have the worst diets in the world,” Antonia says. “They’re eating cupcakes everyday, having frappuccinos from Starbucks - a lot of sugar and a lot of dairy. One of the most difficult things to change is the diet. But it’s so important and the healing happens much faster.

A healthy diet is an example of how taking a more holistic approach can benefit your skin. The foods we eat affect the health and appearance of our skin, as do plenty of other factors we often don’t think of.

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