3 Reasons You NEED Your Beauty Sleep With Special Guest Lindsay Champion

Episode 76 · May 17th, 2018 · 10 mins

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It’s time to break up with your snooze button. You know it’s not a healthy relationship. You KNOW that you actually don’t feel more rested after hitting snooze a few times.

When it comes to falling asleep and staying asleep, Lindsay Champion, wellness director of women’s lifestyle publication PureWow, has got you covered.

As a matter of fact, she says that a little extra beauty sleep can actually make you more beautiful.

Beauty Sleep is NOT a Myth!
It may seem a little dramatic when people say that they need their beauty sleep, but they’re actually on the right track.

Studies on sleep all seem to suggest that sleep plays an important role in the amount of water your skin and hair absorbs.

“The University Hospital Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio studied two groups of women,” Lindsay says, pointing out one of her favorite researched studies. “One group regularly slept less than five hours a night… the other group of women slept between 7-8 hours a night, which is more optimal.

“So the group that slept less than five hours, they didn’t only have older looking skin, they had darker under-eye circles... [and] their skin was more dehydrated.”

So it seems pretty clear: Not getting enough sleep interferes with cell regeneration, which you need plenty of to maintain your youthful glow well into your years.

Tricks for Better Sleep
For many of us, getting a full 8 hours of beauty rest is difficult because we surround ourselves with distractions when we should be trying to go to sleep.

Lindsay recommends calculating your “sleep opportunity.” Coined by sleep scientist Matthew Walker, this term means how long it takes for you to fall asleep PLUS your total ideal sleep time. That means you need to consider how long you’re tossing and turning before you actually drift off to sleep.

Another great suggestion by Lindsay: Before going to sleep, set your phone or alarm as far away from you as possible. That way, when it wakes you up in the morning, you have to actually get up and cross the room to turn it off.

Take THAT, snooze button!

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