3 Health Benefits of Good Posture With Special Guest Ruben Castaneda

Episode 68 · April 19th, 2018 · 10 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

We all have childhood memories of our parents telling us to sit up straight. Back then, it just felt like an excuse for them to tell us what to do.

What did sitting up straight have to do with anything?

Turns out, mom was exactly right.

“We should sit up straight,” says special guest and U.S. News Staff Writer, Ruben Castaneda. “It does have an impact on our health and how we feel about ourselves”

Ruben brings his health and wellness expertise to Just Ask David to share with us three reasons why we’d ought to heed our parents’ advice on maintaining a good posture. He’s also written for The Washington and General Dynamics Information Technology in the past.

  1. Your Posture Can Affect Your Health Many of us associate good posture with looking good and feeling confident. But our posture impacts not just how we look, but out health as well.

“Something called ‘forward-head posture’ is a common condition that happens when your head is aligned forward in relation to your spine,” Ruben points out.

A minor misalignment in your spine may not sound very serious, but maintaining poor posture can really affect your health in the long run.

“Ideally, your head and neck would align with your shoulders. So if you’re lurched forward all the time, you could develop a myriad of musculoskeletal dysfunctions that impact different parts of your body. They could cause strain to your head muscles and cause tension headaches.

  1. Good Posture Helps With Chronic Pain Did you know that poor posture can actually cause chronic pain?

“It turns out having poor posture can put more stress on certain muscles and joints, which can cause them to be overworked and therefore, fatigued,” Ruben explains. “Many patients who have chronic pain issues by addressing their poor posture.

  1. Good Posture Can Uplift Your Mood You also bring up how posture influences mood. How can we benefit emotionally from good posture?

“People who have good posture tend to have a more positive outlook on the world and feel better about themselves,” Ruben says. “People who have poor posture tend to have a more negative outlook and have problems with their self esteem. So there are a myriad of ways that posture can affect our health.”

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