How the Social Media Boom Influence the Beauty Industry with Guest Sheila Arkee

Episode 3 · December 3rd, 2017 · 9 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

The makeup industry is just one of many markets that have been transformed by the internet and social media in recent times.

Sheila Arkee is this morning’s special guest, and she’s here to talk about the makeup industry boom in the last few years, thanks to social media. Sheila has over 15 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and is the owner of the blog, Painted Ladies.

Makeup News Spreads Faster Than Ever
Before the internet and social media became accessible to virtually everyone around the world, makeup news and breakthroughs traveled a lot more slowly -- via commercials and magazines.

In the past five years, the makeup industry has experienced tremendous growth. From celebrities to internet makeup sensations, everyone can promote their favorite new makeup brands and products to the entire world.

Now, we don’t have to rely on the makeup recommendations of our family and friends -- we can make an educated decision ourselves by just hopping online.

How Has the Makeup Industry Changed?
Everyone is more educated about makeup quality in general because of how quickly people can exchange ideas through social media. From professional makeup artists and makeup lovers alike, everyone is more conscious of their makeup ingredients and how well a product suits their skin.

Both corporate and independent makeup brands are making their products more accessible to a larger audience -- that’s because our makeup needs have been heard on social media.

Many professional makeup brands are being more inclusive and releasing foundation lines that suit almost all skin tones on the spectrum.

“I love learning about makeup,” Sheila says. “I know from what I’ve learned from meeting people on social media, it’s a way to bring people together. It’s nice way to share our passion for something creative… it’s just very exciting to see, not just as a makeup artist, but as a makeup lover.”
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