Healthy Comfort Foods with Guest Phoebe Lapine

Episode 13 · December 13th, 2017 · 10 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

Eating a balanced diet is easier than it’s ever been before. There are so many resources out there nowadays to help us eat healthier. There are even special diets that claim to not only help you lose weight, but to improve your body’s overall health from the inside -- like paleo, gluten-free, or vegan diets. It can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner to find out where to start.

Special guest Phoebe Lapine joins us to share her journey to a healthier diet and a happier lifestyle. She is best known for her award-winning blog, Feed Me Phoebe, where she shares a variety of healthy comfort food recipes for any diet. Phoebe has also recently released her first book, “The Wellness Project.”

Comfort Foods Made Healthy for Any Diet

Healthy comfort food? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not to Phoebe. In fact, she embraces using healthy ingredients in her comfort food recipes to contribute to a balanced diet. In her own words, “a kale margarita is better than no margarita at all.”

Plus, healthy comfort food recipes have more benefits than tasting great and being great for us. Phoebe cites changing her diet as the reason why her chronic health problems have made a shockingly huge improvement.

Healthy Hedonism: the Art of Eating a Balanced Diet That Feeds Your Soul

“The Wellness Project” encourages healthier eating by challenging readers to cut one unhealthy thing from their diet for just one month, every month. This method works so well because you’re introduced to how to eat a balanced diet without the pressure of being forced to indefinitely cut out the foods you enjoy.

But in some cases, the effects of eating a balanced diet aren’t all positive. Although some foods are great to leave out of your diet, like alcohol or sugar, Phoebe invites us to ask ourselves, “What does it do for my spirit?”

Sticking to a certain diet can be uncomfortable and force you to go outside of your comfort zone -- that’s to be expected. But sometimes, cutting out our favorite foods in the name of eating a balanced diet can be downright distressing. For example, cutting out alcohol completely can seriously diminish some peoples’ social lives. -- so Phoebe suggests treating yourself every now and then or looking for healthier alternatives -- like kale margaritas.

“I kind of let myself have a little wiggle room and consider where being too healthy or too extreme was infringing upon my ability to live life to the fullest,” Phoebe adds.

To check out Phoebe Lapine’s healthy comfort food blog, Feed Me Phoebe, or buy her book, “The Wellness Project.”