Are You Using Your Skincare Products in the Right Order?

Episode 108 · November 27th, 2018 · 9 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

We all love splurging on skincare. Some of us live for the latest luxury celebrity-approved skincare trends. Others spend their coins on ethically sourced, cruelty-free, the cleanest, greenest skincare you can find.

But all of that’s for nothing if you’re not using your skincare in the right order. You’re practically throwing that money away.

Step 1: Cleanse TWICE Every Day!
You should be cleansing your face every day and night.

A lot of people seem to think that washing your face in the morning when you already washed it the night before is a bit overkill.

Some skincare experts even say that it’s best not to wash your face when you wake up in the morning to preserve the healthy, natural oils our skin produced overnight.

Even though your skin’s natural oils may be good for it, washing your face in the morning is essential to unclogging pores and sloughing off dead skin cells. Avoid cleansing with hot water, which will be sure to strip away those healthy oils.

Using an ultra-gentle exfoliator, like the Rice Face Wash from my PUR attitude line is an effective way to really get rid of dead skin without irritating your skin.

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