Ovarian Cancer? Not On My Watch! with Celebrity Guest Cobie Smulders

Episode 105 · November 8th, 2018 · 14 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

Breast Cancer Awareness Month just ended, but cancer is a topic that never stops affecting our lives.

On this episode of Just Ask David, actress Cobie Smulders of “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Avengers” shares her struggles with ovarian cancer struggles and how it led to her partnership with TESARO to create Not On My Watch.

Not On My Watch is an ovarian cancer education organization dedicated to empowering women to take their health into their own hands.

“I believe that having knowledge about your disease is empowering,” Cobie shares. “It’s nice to build a community to start more of a discussion about this and to be more proactive.”

Listen to the podcast for the full interview - you won’t want to miss this one!

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