The Connection Between What You Eat and Your Skin

Episode 104 · November 6th, 2018 · 11 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

While a good skincare regimen helps with keeping your skin clear and glowing, your diet plays a bigger role than you may realize.

Lisa Davis chats with nutrition expert Susan Ciminelli to get the low-down on how to clear up your skin through your diet.

You Are What You Eat!
Did you know that your skin is one of several eliminative organs in our bodies used to push waste out through?

Along with organs like the liver and intestines, the skin is responsible for filtering some of the things we ingest.

“If you want to have healthy skin from within, you have to have a nutrient-dense diet,” Susan explains.

“So that means foods that are deep with color like carrots and deep green vegetables and deep red berries... full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, [and] trace elements.”

The perfect plate of food in front of you should have every color on it - like beets for the red, or

The Best Herbs to Cleanse Your System
Eating herbs regularly is a great way for your skin to absorb the nutrients it needs to bring out its inner glow.

Eating fresh, uncooked herbs is kind of like ingesting essential oils, but in a way that’s healthy and easy for our bodies to digest.

“I like to use basil - it’s a blood purifier,” Susan suggests. “Cilantro gets rid of metal poisoning in the body… [and] oregano is so important for you, especially when the weather is changing because it’ll boost your immune levels.”

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