The Connection Between Beauty and Diet with Guest Alex Caspero

Episode 1 · December 1st, 2017 · 9 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

The effects of processed foods on our health are becoming a real concern these days. It’s hard to avoid processed foods when our lives are becoming busier and more fast-paced. But processed food products have been proven to cause the growth of “bad” bacteria in our stomachs.

Our special guest, Alex Caspero, is here to talk about the importance of gut health and how it affects our overall health. Alex is the owner of the award winning blog, Delish Knowledge, and the author of Fresh Italian Cooking for the New Generation.

Gut Health
Healthy bacteria in the gut occurs in our bodies naturally and helps us fight off infection. But when bad gut bacteria outweighs our healthy gut bacteria, the risk of gut permeability and inflammation rises significantly.

Healthy probiotic foods, like sauerkraut and yogurt, promote the growth of this good bacteria. Eating fermented foods can improve gut health, which is proven to strengthen your immune system. It’s no wonder probiotics and healthy gut bacteria are hot topics in the health industry lately.

Healthy is Beautiful
Bad bacteria in the gut from eating processed foods can cause inflammation, particularly of the skin. Adding more non-processed, healthy, whole food options to your diet has been proven to be essential in healing the gut and reducing overall inflammation -- including acne.

Gut health and acne are very much connected. After changing to a healthy whole food lifestyle, many of Alex’s clients have seen a noticeable improvement in their acne.

“I’m really interested in that connection between beauty and diet,” Caspero says. “When you think about the fact that 70-80 percent of the immune system is housed in our guts, it really is hardly a surprise that what’s living there is gonna make an impact on our overall health, including outward health.”

For more on how to transition to a better diet for gut health, visit Alex’s blog at or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.